Water leakage prevention technology

At Censys, we have spoken in previous blog posts about the advantages that technology and home automation brings to our home. With our integrated systems you can control and automate all the elements of your home, for your comfort and fun.

But what not many people know, is that technology can also help in the security of the basic systems, such as plumbing and indoor climate control. At Censys, we not only provide you with monitoring the visible elements of your home, but also what you don’t see.

Pipe breaks, water leaks, savings and home efficiency are issues that concern all of our clients. Uponor, our plumbing and indoor climate control provider has launched Phyn Plus, a connected leak detection monitoring system for the entire home with automatic water closure. Phyn Plus protects the housing from leaks, diagnoses problems in the plumbing and provides detailed information about your water usage.

Phyn constantly scans your plumbing installation and alerts you about leaks or other minor failures, allowing you to address them before they can be serious. Censys integrates this monitoring into your home’s global system, for your comfort and safety.

But how does this monitoring work? Phyn’s patented leak detection technology uses high-definition ultrasonic sensors to sample the pressure of your plumbing system 240 times per second. This produces a unique perspective of “fingerprints” of the different water consumption sources in your home.

In addition, you can control everything related to your home water at all times, through your mobile device or using the Amazon Alexa smart speaker.  You can say, “How much water have I used so far this month?” or “Close the water” and get access to such information instantly.